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Why Your Company Needs a Virtual Holiday Party This Year

People have had to sacrifice many things this year, with social gatherings being one of them. With many now working from home, hosting a virtual team building event is an excellent choice for bringing the office together. Discover the reasons why your company needs to host a virtual holiday party this year.

1. Employee Morale Matters 

With many offices having to send workers home to work safely, annual holiday parties might seem off the table. However, the power of technology makes it possible to now host your office holiday party online. And there are reasons why doing so is worth it. For one, office holiday parties can benefit employees

The end of any year can be stressful. The end of this year certainly is. Therefore, it’s important to raise employee morale by hosting a fun event. Consider how many fun holiday activities employees are already missing out on during the pandemic. Hosting a virtual team building event is one way to celebrate the season and give back to workers. 

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2. It’s Easy To Organize 

Setting up a virtual team-building holiday event takes the pressure off of whoever is tasked with event organization. One doesn’t have to worry about shopping for snacks or drinks. Instead, they can put together activities from the safety of their home. Creative virtual team-building events, such as learning how to make pasta, are both easy to organize and fun to take part in.

Many offices might be forgoing parties this year due to the circumstances. However, even people fortunate enough to work from home are struggling. Don’t underestimate how much people miss face-to-face interactions. Allowing employees to reconnect online for a fun reason could boost people’s spirits. The fact that it doesn’t require a lot of effort is a bonus. 

3. There Is A Virtual Advantage 

Taking things online is now both a reality and a necessity. Hosting a virtual team building party will allow for coworkers to reconnect safely. Rather than risking going out for drinks or trying to organize a party in person, a virtual connection is safe and secure. Plus, hosting a virtual party saves money. Perhaps virtual games can therefore take place with team gift cards offered as prizes. 

Additionally, there’s another bonus for hosting the office party online. Nobody wants to be the person who drinks a little too much at the holiday party and makes a fool out of himself or herself. Fortunately, this can be avoided by hosting the party online. Though office members can certainly enjoy a glass of wine or a festive beer at home, people will be far less likely to overindulge.

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4. Celebration Is Important 

2020 has been a very challenging and frightening year for many. Understandably, some might not be in the celebrating mood. However,  celebrating is more important now than ever. After a year like 2020, people deserve to take pride in their accomplishments. An office holiday party is a perfect time to recognize employees for their outstanding achievements. 

A virtual shoutout can go a long way in making employees feel appreciated. A celebration should always be about something. Use your office holiday party as an opportunity to congratulate workers on their specific accomplishments this year. It is best to celebrate someone with other people present. Therefore, a virtual gathering will be more meaningful than a congratulatory email or text message. 

5. Your Company Will Benefit 

There are more than just individual advantages for hosting a holiday team building party. It can also benefit the entire company. Office parties are the perfect setting for company leaders to enforce office rules and policies with a lighter air. This can ensure that things are running smoothly in a friendly manner. Holiday parties are also a great opportunity for fostering company unity. 

A great thing about holiday parties is that they bring many different people together. Often people clique up at work or stay in their respective departments. Hosting a virtual party allows workers a chance to interact with new coworkers. This can lead to new friendships and business relations once everyone is back in the office. It can also make people feel like they are part of a larger group. This is important for personal happiness and office cooperation and morale. 

Be sure to stay safe this year by hosting your gatherings virtually! Learn how you can take your office holiday party online with virtual team building events

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