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Virtual Baking Classes To Try When You’re Stuck At Home

Baking has been on the rise since the pandemic has left many people quarantined in their homes. With social distancing creating fewer opportunities for eating out with others, people have been turning to their own kitchens to whip up a tasty treat. Whether you live alone, cook for a family, or want to have a homemade date night dinner, there is a virtual baking class that can satisfy your culinary needs. 

Virtual Baking - Online Pastry Courses

Virtual Baking Basics 

When it comes to the kitchen, everyone has a different comfort level. Some feel very comfortable whipping up meals. However, some people want to try a new cuisine, food item, or method of cooking. Others have little culinary skills and can find themselves frazzled over even the most straightforward recipe. Virtual baking can satisfy both types of students, as well as those who are anywhere in between skill levels. 

The great thing about one-on-one virtual learning is you can connect with a field expert to learn at a personalized pace. Instead of trying to follow along to a video, you can ask questions and receive feedback. Virtual baking classes take place at an individualized pace for maximum comfort. The great news is that baking can have a calming effect on many individuals, as it helps reduce stress. 

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Virtual Baking - puff pastry dessert

Bread Baking At Home

Bread baking is one of the most popular baking ventures to explore. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a warm loaf or roll of homemade bread? The great thing about bread is that it can be eaten at any meal or snack. It can also be prepared sweet, such as naturally leavened panettone, or be made to go with a savory meal. 

Ready to get started on making sourdough bread? The sourdough starter maintenance class interactively explores all of the bread-making basics. You can then learn how to make artisan-style sourdough, sourdough pizza, or whole wheat sourdough from home.

Virtual baking - puff pastry dessert

Passion for Pastry

Pastry baking is an area that not all home chefs excel at. However, virtual pastry classes make the process easy to explore. What is more relaxing than sitting down with a flaky, delicious pastry? You can also pack up the homemade treats to share with friends, even if you just end up leaving a basket of goodies on their porch.

Buttery, delicious croissants are a popular pastry, which you can conquer in the 2-day croissant camp. While the cold weather gears up in some places and winds down in others, pies are always a must-have. Learn how to make mouth-watering warming winter pies. You can also start with pies and pie crusts to gain insider knowledge on the baking process.

virtual baking - macaron coconut

Sweet Treats

Sweet treats are an excellent pick-me-up. Are you more of a cookie or cake person? Discover how to make toasted pecan meringue cookiescrunchy biscottisfestive holiday cookies, and delicious French macarons. Youth can also explore kids’ healthy baking classes to teach invaluable home baking skills. Another fun option is an online dessert sauces class

There are also plenty of delicious baking opportunities to explore for cake lovers. Whether you want to make someone a birthday treat or simply enjoy a delicious dessert, there are new recipes to try out, such as fresh strawberry cake. You can learn basics and beyond in a step-by-step cake class or book an online cupcake class for kids. Virtual baking helps impart new skills so that the joys and delights of baking can be enjoyed by all. 

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    […] Related: Virtual Baking Classes To Try When You’re Stuck At Home […]

    […] Virtual Baking Classes To Try When You’re Stuck At Home […]

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