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Veganuary Meets Pandemic At-Home Cooking Obsession

From date night cooking to family dining to how to bake bread, cooking at home is now more necessary than ever. Another surge in pandemic food trends is plant-based cooking. The movement towards vegan food is picking up steam due to health benefits. Thanks to changes in learning, you can now utilize digital platforms to try vegan cooking at home. 

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Veganuary Pandemic Cooking Bread

Plant-Based Movement

The Guardian recently announced that the global Veganuary movement is now welcoming its one-millionth participant. The meat-free eating pledge was launched in January 2014. This milestone for animal-free eating was just achieved due to the rise in vegan cooking since the pandemic began.

The popularity of plant-based diets has risen significantly this year. In January 2020, over 400,000 participants pledged to consume a vegan diet. This marks a noticeable rise in participants since the campaign started.

A large number of people have chosen to extend their vegan pledge beyond the initial one month. Many have been continuing with vegan eating throughout the lockdown as they cook from home. While there aren’t many things people can control in the world, the choice of what to eat is still something individuals have power over. 

Cooking Vegan at Home

Many things in the world have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of them includes the way people are learning new skills. People are now turning to online services to learn new skills digitally due to social distancing.

Online learning is now used for everything from college courses to how to cut your own hair. You can also utilize online learning for virtual cooking classes. Such opportunities allow people to collaborate with professional chefs to learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals at home. 

While you can read articles or watch videos online to practice cooking, you can also book interactive video sessions. These services offer personalized, first-hand cooking tips, advice, and stories from chefs. This type of skill learning allows people to ask questions, visualize results, and safely enjoy social interactions. 

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Veganuary Pandemic Cooking Benefits of Plant-Based Diet

Benefits of Plant-Based Diets

People are paying more attention to what they eat due to cooking more often at home. This has led to more people cutting meat, dairy, and other animal products out of their diets. As people become more away of what they put into their body, their diets are shifting towards plant-based.

Many people turn to vegan cooking due to ethical reasons, but there are also many health benefits of vegan lifestyles. Vegan diets, when properly prepared, are more nutrient-rich than standard Western diets. They are known for helping people lose weight and have a lower body mass index, as well as a lower risk of heart disease. 

Vegan diets also help lower blood sugar levels, improve kidney function, and can help with arthritis pain. They may even be able to protect against certain cancers. If you’re considering making the move to a vegan diet, look into virtual cooking classes to learn how to cook vegan at home.

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