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When it comes to the sourdough baking classes, everyone has a different comfort level. Some feel very comfortable whipping up meals. However, some people want to try a new cuisine, food item, or method of cooking. Others have little culinary skills and can find themselves frazzled over even the most straightforward recipe. Virtual baking can satisfy both types of students, as well as those who are anywhere in between skill levels. 

The great thing about one-on-one virtual learning is you can connect with a field expert to learn at a personalized pace. Instead of trying to follow along to a video, you can ask questions and receive feedback. Virtual baking classes take place at an individualized pace for maximum comfort. The great news is that baking can have a calming effect on many individuals, as it helps reduce stress. 

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Wether you need for help mastering a new technique, or simply in the mood for learning something new we will find an expert for you ready to connect via Zoom.

Get the tools you need

Get ready with ingredients and tools are selected by professionals, and perfect for the job. Once you are all geared up, book as many follow up sessions as you want.

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After purchasing a virtual service, you will connect with your seller on a Zoom call. Schedule private sessions for maximum flexibility and the expert's full attention.

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