Celebrate Black History Month: Chef Jalisa

Seller Spotlight: Celebrating Black History Month With Chef Jalisa Kiana

February heralds Black History Month, which should serve as a reminder to support Black-owned small businesses. There are plenty of wonderful and creative individuals who have taken their passions and turned them into something that other people can connect with and learn from. Discover the importance of supporting small businesses and learn how Chef Jalisa Kiana’s customized meal plans can help you learn how to cook healthy and delicious meals from home.

Supporting Small Businesses 

Supporting small businesses matters, as does supporting Black-owned small businesses. This support helps to build up communities and boosts morale for future entrepreneurs. It also contributes to closing the racial wealth gap that continues to persist in the United States. When it comes to deciding who to do business with, visibility and representation matter. Putting your money towards small business allows you to directly support local communities.

Small businesses often contain inimitable charm, care, and personalization that can be lost in larger companies. Booking a one-on-one virtual service with a small business owner allows you to connect with a field expert in a customized setting. Supporting a small business owner is an empowering choice that allows you to foster job creation and help individuals achieve their dreams. You can connect with someone who is genuinely passionate about their career, such as Chef Jalisa Kiana. Discover how she achieved her small business dream and the services she has to offer. 

Chef Jalisa Kiana’s Story 

My name is Chef Jalisa Kiana. I had the pleasure of spending most of my childhood in coastal Georgia. My love for cooking was encouraged by my father. Together, we often enjoyed watching chefs like Emeril Lagasse and Alton Brown; it was a thrill trying their recipes and techniques. During my adolescent and teenage years, I explored cooking and poorly attempting some of my favorite dishes and cuisines. Although I needed practice, it never deterred my goal of being a successful chef.  

Upon finishing high school, I attended Le Cordon Bleu and graduated with honors in 2012. I have been a chef for about eight years, working in various restaurants around southeast Georgia and the Atlanta area. As of late, most of my experience has come from working as a personal chef in metro Atlanta. My goal with Nailit is to help families learn more about food and teach them how to make delicious, satisfying dishes during this new age of dining in and staying home. The services I offer are tailored to address the need for fresh new meals curated for each client. Nailit and I understand that coming up with different meals each night can be exhausting. So let your personal chef take the guesswork out of daily meals! 

Explore Digital Learning

The pandemic has disrupted the way people live their lives. However, digital learning provides an ideal platform for connecting with others to grow. You can book a class to explore a new skill or hobby. Digital classes can also be given to friends and loved ones. A new experience can help brighten their lives with joy and creativity during such difficult and isolating times.

Connecting to a field expert online provides personalized and individualized learning that operates at a customized pace to foster maximum enjoyment and understanding. Interested in connecting with Chef Jalisa Kiana to venture into her love of cooking? You can learn from the best by checking out one of the gifted and friendly chef’s classes below. Her customized classes offer individual guidance with getting your diet on track in fun and creative ways. Explore her available courses below:  

Renew 2021- New Year’s Resolutions Menu Planning 

Weekly Personalized Menu Plan- Eat Fancy

Weekly Personalized Menu Plan- Eat Healthier 

You can reach Chef Jalisa Kiana on Instagram at @ChefJalisakiana. 

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