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Sell A Virtual Service

Wether you are in a professional, or someone with a hobby or a passion, you can help others master the skill from home and earn money along the way. Post a service at a set cost or bid for an existing request and get paid.

Prepare Your Client

We heard some customers worried of not having adequate tools to get the job done professionally. Help them by having a list of needed tools and be ready to ship them if needed. Once a buyer has tools, they'll likely use the service more than once.

Teach via Video Call

When buyers purchase a service or accept your bid, it is time to connect. Face-to-face virtual support is the most empowering service you can offer. We support mobile friendly video conferencing Zoom for maximum flexibility.

We are looking for someone like you!

Professionals are welcome to join from all industries

Why offer virtual services with nailit

Few things are more rewarding then seeing someone master a new skill, and it gets even better if that skill is something you love. Start earning by helping people master a new skill at home. 

Even if your clients are not ready to resume in person services, they still want to look beautiful. Whether it is a bang trim, or a color retouch, you can help. Video tutorials are helpful, but once you get to try a million questions  and doubts come to mind. How to tilt the scissors, am I cutting too much, or too little? Having someone guide you through the process step by step is invaluable. With video call, you can keep an eye on what they are doing and help them achieve professional results at home.

Tell us what you can do, and what tools your client needs, and we’ll take it from there.

Become your own boss, set your schedule, and work as much or as little as you want from the safety and comfort of your home. 

Our Chief DYI'er getting a virtual bangs trim

Our Chief DYI’er getting her first virtual bangs trim with the help of an amazing pioneer virtual hairstylist. I was able to ask questions, ask advise when I panicked, and improved my technique overall. Most important, I had a blast, and proved that virtual assistance works!

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