Secret Santa Gifts For Every Budget

Unfortunately, this year has been far from easy. Many aren’t fortunate enough to safely be able to spend time with their families. However, there is no reason why you can’t still celebrate the holiday season safely. Read on to discover how a Secret Santa gift exchange can lift your spirits. Then you can explore the best gift ideas for your loved ones. 

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Secret Santa Advantage

Secret Santa is a great way to retain holiday cheer in 2020. It can be safely organized online by someone who is not participating in the exchange. Participants will be given the name of someone to shop for in secret. After all gifts have been received, the group can get together on a video call to open their presents. Then it’s time to guess who purchased the gifts. 

Secret Santa offers a way for friends or family members to be brought together safely. These gift exchanges are also ideal for cutting down on holiday expenses. Instead of having to purchase a gift for every member of your friend group or family, each person can be assigned a single name. Overall, everyone receives a gift, but you only have to shop for one person. Just be sure to set a budget so that spending limits are understood. 

The Gift of an Experience 

One of the most memorable gifts you can give friends and loved ones is the gift of an experience. This type of gift is invaluable, as fond memories will accompany it. Outdoor experiences can include hot air balloon trips, rafting, sky dying, or any number of fun activities. However, the best way to give an experience while maintaining social distancing is to give a virtual experience. Additionally, there are many virtual options for different budgets.

Virtual experiences can be purchased and sent to a recipient. This kind of personalized gift can let the person know how much you appreciate them. Virtual experiences are also ideal for coping with social distancing by connecting with someone online. Moreover, they assist with picking up a new skill while quarantining. As a final bonus, making a virtual purchase is instant. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the stress of last-minute gift shopping or delivery delays. 

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Go-To Gifts for Every Personality  

Secret Santa gift exchanges create the perfect opportunity to leave someone feeling appreciated. There are many personalized gifts to choose from that allow the recipient to have something that suits their interests. From experiences to items, check out the following list of Secret Santa gifts to please a variety of personalities. 

The Sweet Tooth

1. Wine infused coffee beans 
2. Sourdough panettone online baking class
3. Monthly wine subscription service 
4. Online Guided Pie Baking Session
5. The perfect cold brew kit


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The Wellness Enthusiast

1. Virtual Nutrition Coach  
2. Weekly personalized menu plans
3. Water bottle with fruit infusion
4. Chronic pain massage virtual session
5. Online wellness workshop


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The Creative Type 

1. Pencil set with personal engravings 
2. Virtual private voice lessons 
3. Coloring book for adults 
4. Musical pillow  
5. Women’s home haircut session

The Beauty Guru

1. Holiday makeup palette 
2. Remote manicure Zoom session 
3. Ponytail secrets Zoom session
4. Virtual skin consultation
5. Personalized beauty education session

The Practical Person  

1. Waterproof notepad for spontaneous shower ideas
2. Couples online cooking session
3. Reusable lunch box (bonus: a fun keychain accessory) 
4. Power cord keeper for avoiding tangles 
5. Online yoga workshop 

Grab Bag Purchases 

1. Online Indian food cooking class 
2. Socks with personalized prints
3. Private pizza making class
4. ROKU streaming stick 
5. DIY cupcake kit

You can find links to physical purchases and explore more virtual services. Stay safe this holiday season, but don’t forget to celebrate.  

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