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If you’ve found yourself searching for “cake classes near me,” you are not alone. Many people enjoy the sweet and delicious dessert that can be prepared in a variety of ways to suit all taste buds. However, not everyone has the time, access, or availability to enjoy a cake making course in person. That is where online cake baking classes come in. You can experience the joys of baking by learning invaluable skills from the comfort of your home. Cake classes online will equip you with the skills needed to bake and decorate delicious cakes at home.

Get creative

With cake


These tiny treat is everyones favorite. Easy to decorate, versatile, and fun.


Learn the basics of maintaining a healthy and active sourdough starter.


There are so many different styles of pie crusts out there in the world, why choose?

special occasion

No special occasion is complete without a well decorated cake or cupcake.

Do I Need Baking Skills?

Some people are hesitant to book a cake making course because they fear they do not have the skill level needed to succeed. Online cake baking classes offer a virtual advantage. You can connect with a professional to be individually guided through the cake baking process. Follow along in real-time, ask questions, and work at a pace that best suits your needs. This kind of customized learning takes away stress and pressure so that you can enjoy yourself as you explore a new skill. No prior knowledge is required to get started on cake making.

The calming power of baking

Baking is a valuable skill to have. While you can whip up delicious desserts from home, you can also connect with others through sharing sweet treats with friends and family. Another advantage of baking is stress reduction. People often find their worries receding as they let themselves become immersed in the calming activity of baking. It also allows for creativity, as many people experiment and explore new recipes and decorations once they have basic baking skills under the belt. 

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how it works

Find a chef-led session

Wether you need for help mastering a new technique, or simply in the mood for learning something new we will find an expert for you ready to connect via Zoom.

Get the tools you need

Get ready with ingredients and tools are selected by professionals, and perfect for the job. Once you are all geared up, book as many follow up sessions as you want.

Connect via video call

After purchasing a virtual service, you will connect with your seller on a Zoom call. Schedule private sessions for maximum flexibility and the expert's full attention.

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