Earn at least $100 when you complete 3 online Zoom sessions

It’s free to join nailit. No transaction fees until 2021.

Must be completed within 90 days of sign up. See terms below.

Work on your own terms

Be your own boss

Set your own price

Decide what to offer how much to be paid for your services.

Set your own schedule

Work how much you want from wherever you want.

Peace of mind

Technology Support

Scheduling and Zoom calls are included and a team of developers can help you solve technical issues.

Content Development

We are here to help you find out what to offer and how to best present your services. We offer occasional development opportunities.

Secure Payment

We accept Paypal, Stripe, and all major credit cards. Get paid every week while chosing your preferred payment method.

*This is a promotional offer and is not a promise or guarantee of future earnings. This offer is only available to new virtual seller who (i) have never previously signed up to offer a virtual service with nailit; (ii) post at least 3 online classes, guided sessions, or experiences for $25 or more on nailit.space within 10 days after signing up; and (iii) complete 3 unique online sessions within 30 days of signing up to be a virtual seller in the U.S. If you don’t make at least $100 for the first 3 online sessions in 30 days, then you’ll receive the difference between $100 and your earnings. Earnings from your services cost (after services fees and other charges are deducted, such as payment fees) are included toward your guaranteed amount. Any payment due will be added to your account after you complete the required sessions. Each completed online class, experience or guided session sold for $25 or more will count as one session towards your minimum session requirement. Cancelled sessions or sessions sold for less than $25 do not count. This offer is only valid for those who signed up at the landing page associated with this offer. Nailit owner reserves the right to withhold or deduct payments that it determines or believes were in error, fraudulent, illegal or in violation of the seller terms or these terms. Limited time only. Offer and terms are subject to change.

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