Nothing says holidays in 2020,
like a virtual baking party

Bid on our most popular holiday event
This auction is for a full sourdough naturally leavened panettone class with professional pastry chef. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have this class at unbeatable price. Bid, and have fun!
  • December 19-20
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What you’ll get
  • Downloadable recipe .pdf
  • Two-day Zoom class with professional chef
  • One baking instructional video or optional live baking session
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Wether you need for help mastering a new technique, or simply in the mood for learning something new we will find an expert for you ready to connect via Zoom.

Get the tools you need

Get ready with ingredients and tools are selected by professionals, and perfect for the job. Once you are all geared up, book as many follow up sessions as you want.

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After purchasing a virtual service, you will connect with your seller on a Zoom call. Schedule private sessions for maximum flexibility and the expert's full attention.

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NailIt is a microjob marketplace focused on DIY. It connects professionals with people attempting DIY projects at home to guide them via Zoom and help them achieve professional results.

Yes! Users are free to check out the gurus qualification and accept their comfort level with less experienced professionals or people who just think they know what they are doing, without any special qualification.

A few months into the pandemic I had to cut my spouse’s hair and it was a disaster. So I thought how nice it would be to have someone guiding me through the process. 

Joining is free! We plan to have membership fees for gurus in the future, and transaction fees but now for now. We want to help, and the best way to do this is for free.

I am not! Right now I’m focused on learning from the first users and help the community of creative workers work remotely.

Any kind you want, as long as it is legal.

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