Make Room For Leisure

Make Room For Leisure – Cope with the new world we are living in

The pandemic has uprooted many lives and altered the way people live. Some people have lost loved ones and jobs, while others are dealing with isolation and mental health issues. While pain varies from different degrees, there are fortunately ways to cope with the new world we are living in. Whether you are a couple, a caregiver, or a single, here is some advice for coping with your situation. Engaging in some fun and informative actives might help to take your mind off of the stress around you.

Make Room For Leisure

Couped Up Couples

A side effect of the pandemic has unfortunately been the ending of many relationships and marriages. With many people forced to stay at home with only their significant other for socialization, many unions have reached their breaking point as tensions rise to the surface. Without friends and outings to buffer problems, many people are finding their relationships hitting a dead end or insurmountable conflict. While it can be difficult to avoid problems without much room to escape them, you can turn to virtual experiences to help explore new solo hobbies for time apart and new experiences for time together. 

To help ease relationship tension, it’s important to give each other space. This can be as simple as traveling to a different room and focusing on a personal hobby so that your partner can do the same. Perhaps you want to learn how to sing or practice baking bread. Give yourself and your partner some alone time to explore self-fulfilling hobbies. Another thing that can help is building fun new memories with your partner. Try sharing a new experience together to increase positivity. You can sign up for a virtual couples cooking class or online couples yoga workshop. Explore something different together to add some fun to your socially distanced lives.

Make Room For Leisure - Virtual Cooking Classes For Kids

Overwhelmed Caregivers

Another group of people who are experiencing an extreme change in life is caregivers. With many children home from school, parents are now expected to come up with new ways to entertain and educate their children on a daily basis. Sometimes it is okay to let someone else guide the lesson. Consider booking a fun course such as children’s healthy baking or children’s homemade Valentine’s to allow someone else to be the leader for a much-needed break.

Remember that your feelings are justified. Parents are dealing with unprecedented stress and responsibility. You are not a bad parent for getting overwhelmed or not knowing what to do all of the time. In order to take care of your child, it’s also important to focus on yourself. Make sure that you are taking the time and care needed to help yourself feel mentally and physically ready to tackle a new day. Prioritizing your own needs will enable you to best be there for those around you. 

Make Room For Leisure

Isolated Individuals

The pandemic has also seen an increase in mental health problems, especially for people who are cut off from support systems. If you are struggling with issues, be gentle with yourself. Know that your feelings are valid and find ways to help yourself cope and heal. People who are entirely isolated from family and friends are facing extreme isolation. Try to connect to loved ones via phone or video for regular check-ins. Normalize asking about each other’s mental health. It’s also more important than ever to focus on your own health and well-being. 

Whether you are a caregiver, spouse, or single, prioritize your own mental health. Take the time to do things that nourish your body and soul. From learning a relaxing Swedish massage to picking up a new hobby such as phone photography for self-enrichment, ensure that you are taking care of yourself. It can also help to develop a routine. To better lend normality to your life, develop a daily routine that you can rely on for structure. This can help you conquer the isolation and tedium of quarantine and social distancing. Overall, be gentle with yourself during these trying times. 

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