Last Minute Gift Ideas For Late December Shopping

Christmas is right around the corner. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, this time of the year is often filled with gift-giving. Are you in need of a last-minute gift that shows you truly care about the other person? The below gifts can be sorted out before your gift exchange. 

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Last Minute Gift Ideas - Coffee Education Classes
Last Minute Gift Ideas – Coffee Education Classes

Avoiding Cash Gifts

While everyone appreciates extra spending money, cash gifts are useful but not often thoughtful. Purchasing an actual gift can allow the recipient to feel appreciated. Additionally, cash is currently tight for a lot of people, meaning that people might not have a lot to give. It’s always more satisfying to find an awesome deal and give someone a unique gift as opposed to putting a twenty dollar bill in an envelope. 

A gift that keeps on giving is the gift of an experience. Giving someone an experience allows for excitement, adventure, and growth opportunities. It also creates memories for the other person. This makes gifting an experience a memorable option. Fortunately, there are many virtual experiences that you can give that enables someone to enjoy life while staying safe. The great part about giving an experience is that you don’t have to wait for something to ship in the mail. You can simply purchase a thoughtful online adventure and present the person with their offer. 

Last Minute Gift Ideas - Online Massage
Last Minute Gift Ideas – Online Massage

Virtual Experiences

While people may not safely be able to go places, they can enjoy new experiences from home. For example, you can purchase an online private lesson to learn how to give a Swedish massage. There are also virtual sessions to guide people with chronic pain through relaxing massages. Picking up new skills and experiences online can be beneficial in one’s life.

There are also experiences that couples can enjoy together. For example, you can give your favorite couple an online couples cooking session. There is also an online yoga workshop that can guide couples through a new experience together. Enjoying an online experience with your significant other can be both enjoyable and educational.

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Last Minute Gift Ideas - Virtual Salon Services
Last Minute Gift Ideas – Virtual Salon Services

Virtual Services

There are virtual gifts that you can offer that can impact someone’s life. A virtual nutrition coach can help someone get back on track for a healthy start to the new year. You can also give weekly personalized menu plans to a friend who wants to learn how to cook for themselves and eat healthier. There is even an online wellness workshop to facilitate overall balance and wellness. This service is something that many people could currently benefit from.

There are also services that people can learn how to safely do from home. For example, you can give a women’s home haircut session or a remote manicure Zoom session. Other beneficial beauty services include a virtual skin consultation or a personalized beauty education session. Gifting virtual services is the gift that keeps on giving because the skills learned in the online sessions can be invaluable for the recipient.

Virtual Experiences - Pick Up a New Skill
Last Minute Gift Ideas – Online Cooking Classes

Virtual Skills 

Instead of gifting an item, consider gifting a new skill. For example, why purchase a Starbucks gift card when you can give lessons for becoming your barista? Music can be downloaded for free on multiple apps, but giving virtual private voice lessons can help a loved one develop and hone a coveted shill. If you have a foodie in your life consider getting an online guided pie baking session

There are also skills that the whole family can learn together. For example, you can purchase an online family baking class. You could also incorporate a family holiday cookie baking class into your holiday celebrations. There’s also the option for an Italian cooking class in order to make the next family dinner more fun and flavorful.

The great thing about virtual skills and services is that they bring people together. Even if you are learning a new skill alone, the opportunity to virtually connect with a professional is invaluable. This holiday season, or for any festive time of the year, consider giving the gift of a virtual experience to your loved ones- or even to yourself.

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