If Celebrities Can Do Their Own Hair, You Can Do Too!

Pandemic has made us do things that we otherwise would have never thought of. If you are someone who is into DIY, you might want to know who these celebrities who are cutting their own hair like a pro. Here’s a rundown of the celebrities who did the most impressive hair cut along with those who might need a little bit of our support with DIY haircuts. 

Armie Hammer

The first stunner that rocked his mohawk hairstyle was Armie Hammer. He revealed his new avatar on his Instagram page, and fans were both shocked and impressed. Well, to be precise, his new look poured in some mixed reactions. The photo that he uploaded on Instagram made him look completely different. He wore his style just for a few days, but seeing him in his new look was quite refreshing.

Blake Shelton

Blake was not far behind, either. The style that he was going for was mullets; however, it seemed like the country singer missed the desired hairstyle because what we saw was completely different. Rather than having a mullet, Blake ended up having Jimmy Fallon’s initials right on both the sides of his head. He genuinely missed understanding that after this haircut, he will have to wait for a really long time for his hair to grow evenly because that’s not going to happen now. 

Miley Cyrus

Miley has always been experimental with her looks, but who would have thought that even Miley would need some DIY haircut tips? As soon as Tiger King became popular, it appeared like more and more celebrities wanted to get a mullet, and Miley wasn’t far behind. She honestly became a Tiger King meme because of her new haircut. 

Joe Jonas

We have seen Joe experimenting with different hairstyles. He has tried buzz cut, slick spikes, and even rocked shaggy curls. But for the pandemic haircut style, he brought back the style that Joe flaunted last in 2013. But we must say, he was amongst those celebrities who did a pretty good job when it came to cutting their own hair. So, good job Joe Jonas!

David Beckham

Looking for a refreshing look at one of the hottest footballers and celebrities on earth, go and check out David Beckham’s Instagram feed. During the pandemic, David Beckham decided to go for a bald look, and yes, he did shave his head! We have never seen him like this, but he looks good anyway. 

Britney Spears

Britney is no stranger when it comes to bangs. She has been flaunting her bangs since she was a child. But just like Bella, Britney has never tried cutting her hair on her own, but finally, she revealed on Instagram that she DIY bangs on her own too! And yes, she looks super adorable.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid made us feel as if DIY haircuts are extremely easy because she did a real good job with her DIY bangs! She posted her new hairstyle photos by the end of April. Not just photos, Bella also showed us one of her DIY haircuts videos, proving that she is good at literally everything! Not that we have not seen Bella flaunting her bang earlier, but this is probably the first time she has cut her bangs on her own. 

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose completely changed the DIY haircut theme by flaunting her buzz cut hairstyle with half of her hair colored in pink, while the other half in blue. If you want some DIY hairstyle inspiration, Ruby Rose is the one to check out and follow. Her perfect partition of blue and pink color made her look super amazing. So, yet another celebrity who rocked DIY hairstyle. 


Can you imagine Pink staying behind in the DIY hairstyle game? While cutting her hair at home, Pink ended up wondering why she has been paying so much money to other people when she could have saved so much by doing it on her own every time? She uploaded a video on Instagram where she shaves some parts of the head and tells everyone to cut their hair at home too. 

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa didn’t really go for a haircut, but she went for a hair color instead, and totally missed the roots. Her roots remained grey while the rest of her hair looks gorgeous. But then, there is a first time for everything, so good going Kelly Ripa! 

Kalie Shorr

Kalie Shorr is one of the celebrities who was tested positive for coronavirus. This country singer posted a photo on her Instagram on March 27th, and the singer turned her beautiful blonde hair into purple. She jokingly quoted on her Instagram, “Quarantine has turned me into the Tumblr girl of my 2012 dreams.”

If you are also thinking about DIY haircuts just like these celebrities, you can easily find the right tools at home. We understand that cutting your hair for the first time could be daunting. That’s why rather than cutting your hair just like that; you can do a zoom call with your hairstylist. The stylist will be there for you when you cut your hair, share all the information regarding how to cut your hair, and all you need to do is follow your stylists advise.

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