How to draw a bunny

How to draw a bunny the easy way

Bunnies are adorable creatures and a children favorite, so it is natural to wanting to learn how to draw them. Learning how to draw a bunny is easier than you probably think and everybody can learn how to do it by using appropriate tools and focusing on the right elements. So why wait? Grab pencil and paper and let’s get started.

Chose the right tools for the style

Drawing is a relaxing activity that comes fairly natural to many. You can draw with a pencil, or with a pen, and with pretty much anything that leaves a trace of color. You can draw on any surface but for best results, your can invest in a spiral- or book-bound sketchpad. If you are a beginner, choose a ruled one. When choosing a graphite pencil, go for a soft type (1B), which will give you a good range of tones.

Draw a bunny’s head

When drawing animals, you often want to start from the top. To learn how to draw a bunny’s head, draw a circle and divide it in four quadrants with two perpendicular lines: a horizontal line and a vertical one. Don’t bother adding too much detail to the head at this point, you just want have enough to evaluate proportions. You can choose later how much detail to add to the initial sketch. It is important to keep these initial lines soft, and only draw darker lines later.

How to draw a bunny’s body

How to draw a bunny sketch
Image courtesy if WikiHow

When done with the sketch of the bunny’s head, add a larger circle right underneath. This will be the bunny’s belly. Add hands and feet to the body, again without bothering to add too much detail at this point.

Add details to your drawing

How to draw a bunny
Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels

Start working on the face by adding two small circles, one in each of the top quadrants. These will be your eyes. Draw two smaller circles for the bunny’s pupils, and fill them with black ink or using the pencil itself. Then, trace two ovals stretched out horizontally for the bunny’s cheeks. Add the nose by sketching an inverted triangle, then add the mouth, a tooth in the middle, and a set of whiskers on each side, starting at the center of the cheeks.

At this point it is time to choose the style for your finishing touches. You can take a more realistic approach. You can stick with your pencil, or you can add color with colored pencils. It’s your drawing, and you should choose the technique the best suit your skills.

How to draw a bunny can be fun and easy. We hope this walk-though made it easy for you to try.

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