Hospitality Career Panel – Options In The Time Of Coronavirus

We are hosting a FREE hospitality career panel in the time of coronavirus and you are invited!

Career Options During Coronavirus

Nailit and No Call No Show are proud to present a hospitality career panel for professionals in the food industry. We are inviting hospitality professionals to share their success stories of moving their careers beyond the restaurants. We’ll talk about options, scenarios, how to get started, and other topics. You will gain insights on how to start your own career outside of the restaurant, while you wait to return behind the stove.

The coronavirus outbreak is changing the world faster than ever. Being connected is now more important than ever.
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The food industry is struggling with new closures and ever-changing restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak. Consequently, professionals are feeling disconnected and out of options.

This remote panel will help you foster your network by connecting you to like-minded professionals who will support your career. As a result, it will inspire you to pursue a second career and will present you with creative options to get started. It will open doors to new possibilities, connections and—more importantly—options for you during this difficult time. You will meet creative professionals who will support you and help you succeed.

Career Options During Coronavirus

Nailit empowers DIYers to achieve professional results from home by connecting them to experts willing to help them remotely.

No Call No Show is a diverse and inspiring space that unlocks job options and out-of-the-box opportunities for hospitality professionals.


Online Careers During Coronavirus

Professional culinary tools are key for achieving professional results. Our homebound professionals used to rely on their tools at work, and they are now forced to purchase expensive equipment to launch their virtual careers. We created a Kickstarter project to help our community of experts buy the equipment they need to get started. Please help us. Good karma and better virtual services will come your way!

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