Unique Girls Night Ideas To Build Memories In 2021

Explore girls night ideas for many different moods. There are also a variety of options to suit different budgets. Discover ideas for cozy evenings in or different plans for hitting the town. While date nights with your partner are important, so are outings with your girl group. Work, family life, and the pandemic have caused many people to miss out on much-needed female bonding time. Fortunately, there are a variety of fun girls night ideas and activities that can bring the squad together. Whether you can meet in person or have to keep things virtual. 

Check out our recommendations for celebrating your loved ones:

Culinary Crew 

Do you have a group of female friends who love to cook? Whether you’re an amateur chef or can’t help but burn toast, cooking classes are a fun way to bring friends together. Check out what cooking classes are available in your area or consider hiring a personal chef for a personalized experience. Experience customized fine dining and learn some culinary skills as you bond with your friends. 

Booking a virtual cooking class is another option to consider. Virtual cooking classes are an excellent way to unite the group if you can’t all meet in person. There are a variety of different virtual cooking classes to choose from to make your night unforgettable. From cooking a three-course meal to making pasta, choose a class that best suits the group’s tastebuds. Virtual cooking is a fun bonding experience that also teaches valuable culinary skills. The cooking sessions are personalized to meet the needs of the group.

girls night ideas

girls night ideas

Indulgent Evening

If your friend group isn’t the kind to hit the town, you can still have a relaxing girls night at home. Consider enjoying a spa party at home for a night of pampering. Provide face masks, nail polish, and beauty treatments that are sure to make the group feel refreshed and beautiful. If you need tips for DIY beauty treatments, you can check out virtual beauty classes together. You can also consider booking a virtual massage session to learn how to feel relaxed and unwind after a long day or week.

Another idea is to gather the girls for a tasty girls night in. Invite everyone to bring a favorite dish and enjoy a Friendsgiving feast at any time of the year. You could even encourage friends to bring dishes that mean something to them or their culture for some added bonding. If your crew has a sweet tooth, consider throwing a dessert theme get-together that involves plenty of sweets, laughter, and catching up.

girls night ideas

Creative Approach

Do you have an artistic group? Fun girls night ideas can also involve tapping in to your crafty sides. When it comes to virtual art classes, you can choose from drawing, painting, photography, and more. If you’re able to meet outside of your home, there are also options for group painting and pottery classes. Relax at home with a bottle of wine and your friends or see what is offered in your area for in-person classes.

Another fun idea is to throw a photoshoot with your friends. If you have a group of budding influencers or simply want to make sweet memories, consider planning a theme. Everyone can show up with different costumes for a creative and fun night of photography. Transform your living space into the perfect backdrop for your group to shine. You can vote on the best idea for the evening’s theme.

Hit the Town

If your group lives in the same area, there are also girls night out ideas you can enjoy outside of the home. Search for a wine tasting in the area for a fun evening activity. You can also book a mixology class online or in-person to teach the group how to make delicious mixed drinks. Many friend groups enjoy the excitement and embarrassment of hitting up a karaoke bar for hilarious fun. Other options include doing a museum tour, getting tickets to a comedy show, or hitting up a sporting event.

Another popular option is booking an escape room. This girls night idea allows the friend group to come together to solve different problems. Consider hitting up the mall for a shopping spree if you have the budget. Make it an annual tradition that everyone saves up for in order to splurge as a group. You can also consider booking a group getaway free of romantic partners. These options work well for uniting friend groups.

Imaginative Girls Night Ideas

Still looking for an idea to make your next girls night unforgettable? Think outside of the box. Rekindle childhood nostalgia with a board game night. Share what games you enjoyed the most growing up and enjoy hours of playing and talking. Another crowd-pleaser is a clothes swapping evening. Everyone can bring items that they no longer want and swap with each other. It’s a great way to cut down on costs and refresh your home and wardrobe. 

If you have a group of avid readers, consider starting a book club. Book clubs can be held in person with bottles of wine and snacks for regular meetups. They can also be hosted online. This allows friends to come together no matter their location. Another fun idea is to visit a psychic with friends or book a virtual consultation. Listen to predictions as a group and speculate about each other’s love lives and future plans. 

girls night ideas

Cozy Night In

Who doesn’t love a good Netflix marathon? Girls night activities can also be simple. Anything that gets the group together is a reason to celebrate. Pick a theme, such as horror movies or the 80s, and come up with a queue of appropriate movies. Everyone can arrive in their PJs. You can even throw a sleepover party complete with popcorn and candy. 

If you can’t hit the salon, consider turning to friends for beauty touchups. Get together as a group and learn virtual styling or virtual women’s haircuts. You can flex your new skills by transforming your friends’ looks with the guidance of a professional. No matter your money situation or physical location, there are plenty of creative ways to bond with your friends. Consider planning a girls night soon for invaluable bonding and memories. 

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