Seller Spotlight – Chef Angela-Michelle pioneer in virtual cooking

Runway and Fashion Model turned International Culinary expert, Chef Angela-Michelle is a foodie extremist. Cooking since she was 6 years old and baking since the age of 8, she comes from a family of cooks and chefs. Traveling the world and immersing in various cultures has provided Chef Angela-Michelle the knowledge of food sources, ingredient preparation, and how to properly use spices and seasonings. She’s earned a certificate in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University, and puts it to good use by creating traditional dishes with a healthy twist without losing the authentic flavor. Check out her cookbook “From the Catwalk to the Kitchen” available on

From modeling to cooking, and teaching. How did you get where you are today?

I modeled for 25 years and I absolutely loved it! I was being called on to start my culinary career then, but I was all about the runway at that time. When I retired from modeling and my atmosphere became quiet is when I heard the call to cook. My business name, Culinary Kisses, came to me in a dream. I started my cooking company in January 2012, which is also when I started teaching live virtual cooking classes. Yes, I was the very 1st offer to offer this service. Now, almost 9 years later, it’s one of the most popular pastimes on the planet. For me, it was all divine guidance and inspiration.

Where do get your inspiration?

Honestly, my greatest and most successful ideas came to me in a dream or when I was in zen mode. When I quiet my mind and shut out the noise around me is when I receive an inspiration.

You have a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from Cornell. What made you develop an interest in plant-based food?

I’ve always had an interest in how the body works. I even studied for 2 years to be a doctor before I realized that wasn’t my calling. It’s so amazingly simple how we can feed ourselves to heal our bodies.  There’s something to the term ‘eat the rainbow.’ It’s not just a saying, it’s the mantra for a healthy eating lifestyle.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Fried potatoes, lol!

You are a pioneer of virtual cooking. What made you realize that you could share your passion with others through video?

The epiphany to offer virtual cooking classes was truly a devine revelation. It literally just came to me in what seemed to be out of nowhere. Pre COVID-19, when people asked me what I did and I listed one of my services as virtual cooking, they looked perplexed. Then when I explained it, they were amazed and thought it was a great idea. I’ve been lucky enough to connect with people all over the world (literally) right in their own kitchens. How cool is that?

What is the most challenging part of teaching online, and what is the most rewarding?

The most challenging part of teaching people how to cook online is ending the session. I love to talk and connect with my students during class, but what better way to really get to know someone than over a meal. The most rewarding part of being a virtual cooking instructor is being honored by someone selecting my cooking class and trusting me to guide them through creating a great meal, an unforgettable meal. 

What would you say to someone who wants to start their virtual career?

Honestly, I’d say follow me on my blog,  social media to view my videos and the go live sessions I post. I’d also suggest they sign up for my newsletter because they wouldn’t want to miss my big announcement coming up in the very near future!

Chef Angela-Michelle is currently accepting new students to her Beginners and Intermediate Cooking Courses.

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