Safe Holiday Gift Exchange

Different Gift Exchange Methods To Safely Try This Year

People may be celebrating the holidays differently this year, but that doesn’t mean this season still can’t be enjoyable. Looking for a way to stay safe while spreading cheer to your loved ones? Consider a holiday gift exchange.

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Gift Exchange Advantage

Gift exchanges are an excellent way to make loved ones feel appreciated, especially during difficult times. They offer the chance to shop for a personalized item and make someone’s holidays special. However, they are also cost-effective. If you don’t have the funds to treat your friends and family this year, consider a gift exchange. Gift exchanges can allow for each person to purchase and receive one present. However, they still bring a sense of togetherness and celebration to the whole group. 

There are still exciting gifts you can get friends even if many activities are currently limited. This year, consider offering a virtual experience to your loved ones. From booking an online Guided Pie Baking Session to purchasing weekly personalized menu plans, there are different virtual services to suit a variety of personalities. When it comes to selecting the perfect gift, consider a couples online cooking session or online yoga workshop. These fun options bring both joy and connection to the receiver. As a bonus, virtual purchases provide a quick and thoughtful fix for last-minute gifts. 

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White Elephant

White Elephant is a classic form of a gift exchange. Each person brings a wrapped gift to contribute. Players then draw a number to see who gets to select a gift first. The first player opens their gift. The rest of the gifts are then opened based on the numbers drawn. The players can either pick an unwrapped gift or steal an already opened one. 

You can check out the official White Elephant rules here, though variations can be made to the game to suit personal preferences. While White Elephant gift exchanges might not be possible this year given shutdowns and social distancing measures, the following gift exchanges can be done virtually. 

Secret Santa 

Secret Santa is a popular holiday method of exchanging gifts with a large group. Every person draws a name and is tasked with getting that person a special present. The name that each person drew is kept a secret until after the gift has been opened during the holidays. 

The fun part about Secret Santa is guessing who purchased your gift. Fortunately, the game can be made safe by taking the gift reveal and guesses online. Assigning names can be done by someone who is not participating in the festive game. Then, the present opening and guessing can be done by the entire group over a video call. 

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Themed Gifts 

Whether you can meet in person or have to mail or drop off your gifts, themed gift exchanges are enjoyable for all. When it comes to deciding a theme, the possibilities are endless. You can consider supporting a good cause by mandating that all gifts are purchased from a small business. Or you can get creative.

Gift exchanges can be organized based on different colors, countries, states, themes, books, films, franchises, activities, decades, and more. You can also do a gift card exchange or keep it homemade with a crafts gift exchange. Just be sure to discuss price expectations.    

Gift Train 

If you have a large group of friends and family in the area who you cannot safely see, a gift train might be this season’s go-to option. How does it work? Start by packing a box of presents with different names and addresses for participants. Then, drop the box off at the first person’s house.

That person will then pick out a gift and bring the box to the next person on the list’s house. This will be done with everyone in the group so that each person receives a gift from everyone involved. The game ends when the boxes are empty. Then, everyone can go online to celebrate the holiday joy with a group video call. 

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