best male celebrity haircuts 2020

OMG! The Best Male Celebrity Haircuts 2020 Were Virtual!

The lockdown got intriguing and fun when celebrities took turns on their social pages, streaming themselves live having haircuts at home, with virtual assistance from professional stylists. In a sense, the pandemic gave us the best male celebrity haircuts 2020. Every business around the world, not health-related or essential to human survival, had been closed and everyone including the celebrities couldn’t go out for a cut.

You know, “necessity is the mother of invention”, so everyone suddenly got multi-talented; inventing new ways to keep their body in shape, harnessing the powerful tools of the internet like video conferencing to keep in touch with family and friends, creating funny challenges, and dotting all lines to keep things moving even in the lockdown. Your favorite celebrities weren’t left out.  

It was fascinating to see some celebrities brave enough to getting a virtual haircut, though most of it went bad, while some had to trust a brother, son, or spouse to do the trimming, taking directions from professional hairstylists through video conferencing and phone calls.

If this pandemic had struck in earlier years, say 1905– when the internet was yet to be an ordinary word not to talk of a global connecting network, maybe Mark Zuckerberg would have come out of the lockdown looking like an extended version of Albert Einstein with long, shaggy hairs or Lincoln might not have to be the only American president who had a heavy beard.

Celebrity brothers bond over virtual haircut

We are not sure if this is one of the best male celebrity haircuts 2020 but Thomas Stanley HollandThe Spider-Man: Homecoming Star was one of the famous individuals who did the home haircut thing. Tom and his brother, Harry, went live on Instagram on May 27, where he was seen giving his brother a haircut. The English actor carefully trimmed down his sibling’s bushy curly locks with virtual assistance from hairstylist Christine Nelli.

Tom must have probably had a latent barbing skill which he never took time to explore or probably Christine was an excellent and detailed explainer and Tom– a skillful actor because the result of the session was a total handsome finished cut on Harry.

Harry posted a black and white picture of his fresh, handsome look which he captioned, “the end result” and tagged Tom and Christine, for the photo credit and the assistance respectively. You know I will be cool and agree to a haircut session with Tom, with Christine available physically for assistance though; it could be a one-time-lucky-stunt! 

Some of the best male celebrity haircuts 2020 used celebrity hairstylist

Carson Daly was another celebrity who pulled the home haircut stunt. The American television host, radio, and TV personality and his wife, Siri had just welcomed their new daughter, Goldie, then and Carson’s hair had grown pretty shaggy. He needed a cut.

Carson bravely gave himself a cut live on his show with the help of the popular professional hairstylist, Chris Appleton— he styled Jennifer Lopez for her super bowl halftime performance. Carson had tried earlier before going live to connect with Chris on a video call to facilitate the guide, but the video feed from Chris’ end was bad. Interestingly, Carson had to pull off the trim by listening to Chris’ direction over the phone.

His co-hosts and the viewers were shocked at the beginning, having noticed Carson was being guided over the phone, but it ended surprisingly great. As Carson ran the trimmer down the sides of his hair, there was a corresponding, disapproving shriek and laughter from Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, Craig Melvin, and Al Roker collectively. Carson cut the back with the help of a trusty partner—his 11-year old son, Jack. Every fan watching the segment could do nothing but praise Carson’s courage. He did a great job.

One of the first celebrities to get a virtual haircut: Zuck

Some of the best male celebrity haircuts 2020 came from social media and social media celebrities. The Facebook owner, Mark Zuckerberg was among the first celebrities to get a virtual haircuts by his wife, Priscilla Chan during the lockdown. Mark was so satisfied with the ‘at home’ haircut from his wife that he took to his Instagram page to share with his 6.7m followers a picture of the barbing session. He captioned the photo; “New normal: this lockdown is officially two haircuts long”.

Priscilla cut Mark’s hair with a trimmer and guided on what to do by someone over a video call. She successfully gave the CEO his usual teeny horizontal straight-cut hairstyle, which many referred to as “the Caesar”. It is safe to say Mark loves the hairstyle as a result of his fascination with first-century Roman emperor Augustus Caesar.

The Zuckerberg home haircut picture went so viral; his comment section got flooded with over 39,000 comments and more than 100 of memes scattered all over the internet. The funniest is a caricature of Mark with a long, falling hair and beards, like Jesus’. Vogue even picked up the story and reviewed internet reactions to the event… and the results!

The whole “At home” haircut thing is just another proof that humanity and the internet is just an unstoppable combo; maybe chocolate and chips kind of combo or the Coca-Cola and chicken! Humanity has continuously pushed the internet to break barriers and the internet– or say technology, has also shown Man that he has no limits.

You could control your home appliances from your workplace and the Google map is ready to find you a better route to your workplace to avoid traffic. Man is also working hard to help machines think like him and Artificial Intelligence is getting better every minute. It is now even able to contribute to the  best male celebrity haircuts 2020. Even though everything was lockdown, man still got things moving. Actors became barbers, attorneys learned new cooking skills, footballers did some in-house training challenges, and many were able to discover more skills they never thought they had. It became clearer how much potential everyone carries and how far we can go with the internet.

Virtual Haircuts You Can Get Now

best male celebrity haircuts 2020

Like those celebrities, you can also give yourself a virtual haircut someday, all you need is; the courage and the assistance of a professional hairstylist. You know, right?

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