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During the first lockdown in this pandemic, like many others, I attempted to give my husband a haircut. I watched youtube videos and got myself some tools. The haircut was a disaster. I gave him two banana-shaped holes around his ears by attempting a fade. He had to turn his camera off during meetings at work for several days after my masterpiece. Subsequently, I offered his regular hairstylist money to help me with the next haircut via Zoom—to my surprise, she refused. Then I got furloughed for a few weeks. The break was much needed as taking care of two small children with both my husband and I working full time was easily the hardest thing I have ever done since I got my PhD. We had virtually no help with house cleaning or childcare. Still, my brain kept spinning with this idea of getting online help from professionals while attempting to bake macarons (and failing), folding sourdough bread (and failing), cutting my kids hair (and failing.) Then it hit me: There’s gotta be someone willing to take my money to help me cut my husbands’ hair. I just needed to find it. Since then, I cut my own bangs with online assistance and opened a website. We now have an amazing community of professionals ready to help you master your next DIY at-home project. You will end up helping those whose careers were disrupted by the pandemic. This is what nailit is about. 


Update: Since starting Nailit four months ago, I learned a lot about the restaurant industry. Some things I liked, some things I didn’t. 

When the pandemic hit, many rallied around restaurants. Restaurants took a hit they say. Restaurants are operating at 50% capacity, then at 25%, and many of the wont reopen after the lockdowns they say. Restaurants are not spreading and yet they are closed they say, what an injustice…  I spoke with some restaurant owners struggling to stay afloat. They were organizing events online and complaining about the cost of hiring a videographer for the online classes. 

And then it hit me. You know who’s doing worse than restaurants? You know who has to teach online classes from their own kitchen counter in a tiny NT apartment? Chefs are, and waters, and artists and musicians who lost their jobs due to the pandemic restriction and the imposed volume reduction. They do not have a job, They do not have a website where to post opening hours and curbside delivery instructions. They do not have hundreds of followers on social media, or tools and equipment to  work from home. They are the real losers in this pandemic, losers whose only fault was to pick the “wrong” profession for this cursed century.

We are with the Chefs, with the artists, musicians and workers who lost their jobs due to the pandemic. We are with those who do not have access to a commercial kitchen, tools, or fancy ingredients. Nailit wants to give a voice to those silenced by the pandemic. We provide web space for free, marketing and user experience support, a secure payment method and free advertisement. We are sorry that business owners are struggling, but we thing that workers are struggling even more, it’s just that nobody can hear them. 

By purchasing a class on Nailit you are supporting all professionals who are currently unable to work due to the lockdown restrictions. You are empowering yourself by learning something new, and you are empowering them by giving them the opportunity to work. Everybody wins.

EMAIL: info@nailit.space

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