7 Ways to Stay Happy During a Defiant Pandemic

With all the craziness going on in the world right now, staying calm and maintaining inner harmony is now more challenging than ever. These following tips are designed to help you achieve daily peace through small changes. 


1. Try Meditation


Sometimes we need a retreat from the chaos of our minds. Devote a set part of each day to peaceful meditation. Meditation does not have to require a large time commitment. As little as five minutes a day of peaceful and silent relaxation can better prepare you for all that life has to throw your way. 


Find soothing music and carve out a small window of time to devote to being still. Creating the time to clear your mind will allow you to be more focused, productive, and balanced throughout your week or help you rewind after a long day. 

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2. Find a New Hobby


Like meditation, finding a hobby allows you to devote time to activities that nourish the soul. While the choices for hobbies may seem limited given the current state of the world, there are still plenty of activities that you can enjoy from the safety of your home. And thanks to the power of technology, you can still connect with others to learn. 


Have you ever wondered how to bake bread? Follow professional instructions via digital learning to learn how, or take a shot at becoming your own barista. Attempt making Spanish tapas or give hairstyling a try to hone a new skill. Choose a hobby that you’re interested in and give it a try for fulfilling fun. 


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3. Practice Positivity  

Sometimes it feels as though nothing good is happening in the world, but you can challenge yourself to seek out the positives around you. The good news is that positivity gets easier with practice. 

Write down quotes that make you feel uplifted and read them to yourself in the mirror before you start each day. It might feel silly at first, but repeating positivity and boosting yourself up can dramatically affect your attitude and mood. 

4. Try Singing

Music can be a lifesaver when it comes to having an outlet for your emotions. Listening to music can help release tension, promote energy, and increase happiness.

Singing along to your favorite song can add a whole other element of release during times of such uncertainty and chaos. You can even hone your singing skills during the pandemic with virtual voice lessons. Connect with a private tutor over Zoom to improve your signing for a fun escape.

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5. Start a Journal 


Many people are finding themselves coping with new and overwhelming emotions. Isolation and separation can take an enormous toll on the body and mind. Journaling is an excellent outlet for collecting your thoughts.


Starting a journal allows individuals to vent their feelings, make sense of what they are experiencing, and let go of powerful emotions. Take the time to write things down so that you can make sense of what you are experiencing.


6. Get Fresh Air 


You might not be able to engage in all of the outdoor activities you once enjoyed, but there is still the opportunity to enjoy a walk or take out the bike. If you work long hours, try to take small breaks throughout the day to facilitate movement. 


Getting fresh air is important for mental and physical health. If you find yourself becoming withdrawn due to life circumstances, try to focus on getting at least 30 minutes of fresh air every day. Even a simple walk after mealtime can dramatically boost your mood. 


7. Do Something for Yourself


Do something that makes you feel good, whether that is a warm bath, a good book, or a home-cooked meal. Maybe quarantine style is getting you down and you’re wondering how to cut your own hair. Follow an online video to freshen up your look, or try a fun makeup look even if you have nowhere to go.


Allow yourself to indulge every once in a while. At the end of the day, remember that you won’t be able to be your most productive self if you don’t nourish your mind, body, and soul. 


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