40th birthday ideas

Unique 40th Birthday Ideas For Women And Men You Need To Know

When it comes to significant birthdays, turning 40 is a milestone that many couples wish to celebrate. Four decades of life may sound intimidating to some. However, celebrating the day with a special party is the perfect way to take the pressure off of aging. Discover the best 40th birthday ideas for women or men to plan a perfect day for a special someone turning 40.

Unfortunately, not all people have the luxury of being able to celebrate in person with loved ones. However, there are many virtual party ideas available to accommodate different guests. That means that people can be brought together worldwide for a safe and joyous celebration. Whether the party can be held in person or virtually, explore the best 40th birthday ideas for singles, partners, and groups.

40th birthday ideas for men

40th Birthday Ideas For Husbands On A Budget

There are plenty of party ideas that husbands can plan for a special 40th birthday party or evening. Dinner parties are a simple and effective way to celebrate your significant other. Learn how to cook something special, such as Caribbean shrimp wraps or creamy chicken with white wine and herbs. Booking a virtual cooking class can prepare you for the big night so that your wife can enjoy the evening with her friends while you handle the impressive menu. There are even couples cooking classes to try together for a couples collaboration. This can also be a fun way to build memories.

Perhaps you and your wife would prefer to keep the celebrations between the two of you. A budget-friendly option that feels luxurious is renting an Airbnb. Find a romantic place a few hours away and treat your wife to a mini road trip and a few days away from the chaos of everyday life. Enjoy romantic hikes and some quality alone time without draining your wallet. Another idea is to learn a Swedish massage. Wake your wife up with breakfast in bed and a day full of pure relaxation. Bonus points if you also learn how to give a manicure. What woman doesn’t want to feel special on her birthday?

40th birthday ideas for men

40th Birthday Ideas For Husbands (Splurge)

If you have a little bit of money to splurge, there are additional ideas for pampering your wife. You can treat your wife and her friends to a spa day to celebrate the big 4-0. This can be a fun opportunity for her to feel pampered while enjoying some quality time with friends. You can also organize a girls-only trip. Plan a surprise getaway for your wife and her friends so that they can live up her birthday weekend somewhere special. Nothing can make turning 40 quite as fun as a jet-setting adventure.  

Is there something that you know your wife really wants to do? Book a couples yoga class and make memories together while learning something new. Afterward, you can treat your wife to the most romantic evening. Make your wife feel like the star of the night by hiring a personal chef. Being treated to a private 5-star dinner is an excellent way to create an unforgettable evening. You can also book a private room at your wife’s favorite restaurant for a special evening out. You can even book a luxury hotel room in the area if you want a little getaway after dinner.

40th birthday ideas for women

40th Birthday Ideas For Women

Is there an important woman in your life who is turning 40? Whether she is a friend, coworker, or family member, there are even more ideas for an unforgettable bash. Plan a girls’ day for your female friend or create an event that the whole family can join in on. A fun group party idea that requires a little planning is a murder mystery night. Research murder mystery parties for a dinner party with an added twist. Everyone can have fun getting into character and solving the pretend crime.

If the weather is sunny and warm, there are fun ideas to celebrate outdoors. Plan a hike for your outdoorsy friend that sees the whole group going on an adventure. Picnics and barbeques are great for large groups of people. Get together special decorations that reflect something about the birthday woman. The whole group can go in on a gift card to allow the birthday lady to splurge on something special. Another idea is to have friends write their favorite thing about the birthday person and then deliver them a jar of heartfelt notes.

40th Birthday Ideas For Wives On A Budgets

Are you looking to plan a 40th birthday party for your man on a strict budget? Consider these 40th birthday ideas for women. If money is tight but friends are abundant, consider throwing a potluck party. Come up with a list of necessary items so that everyone can chip in with food and drinks instead of presents. Make sure to include all of your husband’s favorite items. The real gift of the event is time spent with loved ones and memories made. You can always shake things up by setting a theme or requiring costumes for the evening. 

Another budget-friendly idea that requires a little planning is a game night. Everyone can bring different games for a fun evening at home that all age groups can participate in. A fun DIY idea is hosting a casino night. Save the money of actually going to a casino by bringing poker and roulette to your home. Prepare games tables and food for a fun-themed evening at home. You don’t have to spend big to make the night unforgettable. Instead, team up with some friends. With a little creativity and planning, you can make your husband’s night special.

40th birthday ideas for wives

40th Birthday Ideas For Wives (Splurge)

Husbands can be hard to please, but the following 40th birthday ideas are sure to win him over. Gather your husband’s friends and family for a brewery tour. This can make for a fun afternoon or evening, especially if you rent out a party bus for safe transportation. If your husband is more of a wine kind of man, wine tasting is another fun experience to share with friends for a special 40th birthday. Purchase a couple of bottles of his favorite wine for a special gift that comes with sweet memories.

Another exciting 40th birthday idea is to rent out a roller skating rink for a day of exclusive fun. Perhaps your husband is more into bowling. Rent out several lanes or plan a birthday party for him someplace you know he’ll enjoy. If you are planning an evening alone with your husband, you could go all out on an expensive bottle of alcohol. Buy him something top shelf for a fancy experience and then brush up on your culinary skills for a special dinner for two. Turn to an online cooking class to dazzle with your culinary knowledge.

40th Birthday Ideas For Men

There are other 40s birthday ideas for men if there is a special man you wish to celebrate. If you have a group of friends that live in the area, consider planning a camping trip. This will give everyone some time off to reconnect with nature and celebrate the birthday person. Another simple but fun idea is to throw a pizza party. This can occur in someone’s home, backyard, or a local park. Order the person’s favorite pizza and invite friends for an evening or afternoon of celebration. 

Another crowd-pleaser that often leads to fun memories is a group karaoke night. See if there is a place you can rent out or make reservations to enjoy some embarrassing singing with the whole friend group. What better way to sing happy birthday to someone special? If the man in question is an old friend, you can also compile a list of memories. Have everyone weigh in with sweet and embarrassing stories for an evening of reflection, laughter, and celebration. 

40th birthday ideas

40th Birthday Ideas For Everyone To Enjoy

Still haven’t landed on the ideal 40th birthday celebration? Gather the group virtually with these additional ideas. If you’re planning a party for your foodie friend, consider booking a fresh homemade pasta cooking class. Friends can gather with the birthday man or woman or clock in virtually to join in on the fun. Another tasty group event is a virtual chocolate-making class. The group can also roll up their sleeves with a virtual Italian cooking class.

When it comes to planning a party, remember it doesn’t have to be crazy! Consider what the birthday man or woman would best enjoy and plan an evening to suit their preference. This could involve hitting the town, or a night in learning how to bake sourdough. The important part is letting the birthday person know they are loved and supported by their friends and family. You only turn 40 once, so why not enjoy the special day?

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