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    Booking a personal service on-demand will support a small business owner. The pandemic has cost many people their jobs and livelihood. Together we are working to build a community where small business owners can connect with new clients to thrive. 

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try Cake Baking Classes Online

If you’ve found yourself searching for “cake classes near me,” you are not alone. Many people enjoy the sweet and delicious dessert that can be prepared in a variety of ways to suit all taste buds. However, not everyone has the time, access, or availability to enjoy a cake making course in person. That is where online cake baking classes come in. You can experience the joys of baking by learning invaluable skills from the comfort of your home. Virtual classes will equip you with the skills needed to bake and decorate delicious cakes at home.


Cookbook clubs are an easy ad fun way to step up your cooking game and refine your skills in the kitchen. Every month one of our Chefs will pick one of their favorite books. every week we’ll meet to cook one of the recipes together. Our chefs will demo the dishes and you can cook along, ask questions, or just enjoy the company. 


 Weekly chef-led live Zoom sessions
 Fun inclusive learning environment
 Unlimited dietary adaptations


Get inspired to learn more about with Nailit online music classes. Explore interactive tutorials to help you improve your singing, or learn a piano or guitar song. Whatever is your passion there’s a class for you. 


Online art classes are a great way to express your creativity whether you are an adult, a beginner, or looking to enroll your child in a fun and meaningful after school activity. Drawing and illustration courses for beginners, clay classes and projects, and swing or knitting are all great ways to improve your self and pursue a hobby that can last for life.


The pandemic has changed the way a lot of people are living, but there are ways to still safely connect to others. Our virtual cooking courses offer the opportunity to interact with a field expert and explore new skills in a one-on-one setting. Whether you are well-versed in the kitchen or are just getting started, discover a baking or cooking class to suit your needs and preferences. Virtual culinary classes are a fun way to try something new and lift your spirits.


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